Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuning in to Cinder Bridge ... and out again

As I mentioned earlier, Cinder Bridge is going to be on the radio next Friday. Yay!

Naturally, we want as many people to hear us as possible. To that end, I sent a message out to our mailing list explaining that even if they didn't live in Tucson, they could still catch the show. All they had to do was go to KXCI's website and hear us streaming. I provided instructions on how to do this.

Not long after the e-mail blast, I received the following panicked e-mail from my mother:
OK, I just checked the link to the station you'll be on, to be sure we could hear it. I got it in just fine, BUT NOW I CAN'T TURN IT OFF. Do you know how I do this? I clicked off it, like you would do for an email, but it's still playing. Forever??????
I wrote back, asking what she meant when she said she clicked off "it." What was "it"? Maybe she had closed the browser window instead of whatever app was supposed to play the music.

Yep. Her next e-mail said that my dad fixed the problem by quitting iTunes.

Parents are so cute when they try to use technology!

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