Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Tips for Songwriters

Ta da! Tom Slatter's 10 Tips for Songwriters is now available. The free ebook contains 10 tips from 18 different songwriters. My contribution is on page 13.

It's fun to read a bunch of these in one sitting. Different songwriters can have very different perspectives. In fact, advice from one songwriter will often directly contradict advice from another. I think this makes the book more useful. Read the entire thing, and you're bound to find something that resonates with the way you work.

Those of you who pursue creative endeavors but don't write songs should take a look too. If nothing else, it's interesting to get a glimpse into various songwriting brains.

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John Wenger said...

I haven't followed your advice to read the whole thing yet. Instead, fan that I am, I scrolled down to read your's first, and it was so well written. You are a wonderful prose writer in addition to being a terrific writer of lyrics.

On an entirely different topic, to answer your latest random thought, it is very well known that Joan Baez and Bob Dylan had an affair, and I believe it is chronicled in an early black and white movie documentary about Dylan that I watched years ago (I'm not sure how many, but it was more than, say, 41 years ago). The funny thing is, if memory serves, I did't realize they were having an affair from watching the movie, but everyone else who saw it told me that it was obvious. So much for my powers of discernment. Anyway, I have heard about it since then, and it is no secret.