Friday, June 18, 2010


I spent a good part of practice tonight running through our newest song, trying to get the lyrics down.

Funny thing. When you embark on a songwriting career, nobody ever tells you that you'll have to work almost as hard at memorizing your own lyrics as you would anyone else's.


John Wenger said...

It is almost as hard to memorize your own lyrics as someone else's? How is that possible? Especially for someone like you who actually works at it (Bobby Daren said he wrote "Splish Splash" in fifteen minutes, a boast that is fairly easy to believe). After slaving over every word, I would think you wouldn't be able to forget your lyrics.

You should have gone into mathematics. Once you understand why a theorem is true, the proof stays with you.

Jeff Shattuck said...

Thank you! It's so good to know that there other people out there like, songwriters who struggle to remember their own words.

cinderkeys said...

I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones, Jeff. :)

I may slave over every word, but I don't write all the lines in order, and I write everything over a long period of time. To get everything in muscle memory, I need to sing it many times.