Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cattus interruptus

A few months ago, Ron the Drummer and his wife adopted a kitten. Unlike their other two cats, who are pretty mellow, Abby enjoys getting into everything and she knows no fear. Whatever the size or shape of the object, she looks at it and thinks, "I could climb that."

Also unlike the other cats, Abby has no problem being in the same room as Ron and me when we rehearse. The loudness doesn't faze her a bit.

It's made for some interesting rehearsals. As Ron and I practice, Abby will wind her way around the room, searching for some kind of trouble to get into. Sometimes she chews the cords or plays with the equipment. One time she attempted to climb a table lamp and knocked it over. The trick for us is knowing when to keep playing and when to stop what we're doing to prevent her from breaking something or hurting herself.

Today she wandered over to where I was sitting and gazed up at me with her patented "I could climb that" stare. Sure enough, a few measures before the song ended, she hopped up onto my lap.

I'm proud to say that I didn't miss a note. I finished the song with a cat on me.

In a way, it's good practice. At atmosphere gigs we have to ignore all manner of noises and distractions. If we can play through our own cattuccino machine, we can play through anything.


Zhoen said...

I hope you don't mind comments on old posts, but this just has me laughing. Never had a cat like that of my own, but several friends have. Always... startling, shall we say.

cinderkeys said...

Heh. I've learned to keep an eye out for her. And I don't mind comments on old posts. Now that I've finally learned how to pre-subscribe to my own comments, I even know when they happen. :) Hope to see you around.