Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bridge to nowhere

That song I've been working on may or may not be finished.

After getting two whole posts out of changing a particular rhyme (and then keeping it the way it was in the first place), I'm now struggling with the bridge. I'd previously decided to just make it an instrumental break, but then I came up with a cool vocal melody. What the heck, I thought, it's a short song. Even though I think I've said everything I want to already, there must be room for a few more words.

I wrote a couple versions of this bridge. In and of themselves, they were both fine. But none of them were satisfying me, and I finally figured out why. They provided a smoother transition from the second verse to the last. Problem is, I don't want a transition. I want there to be an abrupt scene jump.

A third version of the bridge shied away from transition. I liked it better. Unfortunately, it sort of contradicted what I say in the first verse.

Bah. Maybe I'll just stick with the instrumental.


Jeff Shattuck said...

As Tom Petty said, don't add anything unless it's as good as everything else!

cinderkeys said...

Heh. Yeah.

I'm going with the instrumental. Now I just have to get it into shape so it's as good as everything else. :)