Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playa hater

Well, shoot.

Ron the Drummer and I have made scratch recordings of some of our latest tunes. I want to throw a few up on the blog, but Blogger doesn't come equipped with a way to do that. You can post images, even video, but not music.

Bandcamp (a player suggested by Jeff Shattuck of Cerebellum Blues) looks nifty, but they won't do MP3s.

I suppose I could figure out how to convert our MP3s to video and post them as video, but I'm hoping we can find a less kludgey solution.

I'll keep searching for a suitable widget. In the meantime, feel free to shoot me recommendations.


DeppityBob said...

Doesn't GarageBand offer a "Save As..." or "Export" feature that allows you to save your music as WAV or AIFF? That seems a lot simpler than trying to find a different player.

cinderkeys said...

Maybe. I've got other software that could probably do that job as well. But as you know, converting a low-res format into a high-res format doesn't make the file any less lossy. Bandcamp presumably has a reason for wanting files that don't come compressed.

Jeff Shattuck said...


A few thoughts:

If you recorded in Garageband at standard rez, just re-bounce the recordings to wav or AIFF.

If you only have your MP3s, go with soundcloud or reverbnation. They are both a mess in terms of UI, but of the two, soundcloud is better. Further, I would pay soundcloud for their basic account. They offer great customer service (I'm a subscriber and they have been awesome).

cinderkeys said...

I'll take a look at Soundcloud. I vaguely remember their website confusing me -- it wasn't clear what services they offered. But I'll try again. :)