Sunday, August 23, 2009

People on the mountain

Music on the Mountain gig went smashingly. Lots of people came, and they seemed to enjoy our music. They happily stuck around for the Amber Norgaard Baand despite the intermittent rain, which started just after our set. The tent kept everyone dry.

The surprising thing: many of the people who came to hear us had never heard OF us until today.

Bonnie Vining, founder of LAVA and mastermind of MOTM, is a freaking genius. Has to be. It's so hard to get people to venture out to see bands they already know and like. Bonnie created a concert series that not only gets people to venture out for bands they know nothing about, but go all the way up Mt. Lemmon to do it.

If you live in Tucson, you know why that's impressive. It takes a good hour to drive up Mt. Lemmon.

Anyway, yeah. Smashingly. I hope Bonnie does this again next summer.

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EJ said...

I saw you on "Music on the Mountain." You and Ron were great! I'm one of those people who never heard of Cinder-Bridge, but drove up to the mountain to listen. Thanks!